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Preventing Key Loss Effectively

Preventing Key Loss Effectively
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People lose their keys all the time. In fact, statistics show that these are the most frequently lost personal belongings. Their loss can lead to serious problems like house and car lockout and pose the need for rekey or changing of the locking device. It is perfectly possible to avoid getting into trouble. Find out what measures can be taken to keep keys safe.

Simple Techniques That Work

Preventing Key Loss EffectivelyThe first step is to hang all keys which you have on a keychain. It is best if the keychain is colourful, big or all three. In this way, it will be much more difficult to leave the keys on the table or the dashboard of your car without paying attention to them. Spare yourself a great deal of hassle associated with lockout rescue and lock change. 

You can also use the advancement in technology to avoid the problem of lost keys. Now there are special keychains and small discreet tags, which are equipped with special chips. These work to send signals which are located with the use of a special smartphone app. Every time keys are misplaced, you can locate them quickly with the portable device. Many of the electronic keychains and tags also have an alarm which can warn customers and help to prevent misplacement. It is certainly a good idea to use such a gadget, especially if you are not very well organised and tend to be forgetful.

Another effective technique which you can use is determining special places for the keys. This will helps to reduce the risk of loss and the need for lock rekey or change considerably. You should have a special compartment for these items in every bag or briefcase that you use. It should be sufficiently deep so they do not come out accidently. Ideally, it will have a zip for maximum security. Designate a precise place for keeping these items at home and in the office as well. It is best to put them in a place which is not easily visible and reachable. The high shelf of a cupboard is a better option compared to a hanger in the hallway or an office desk drawer.

Finally, if you lose your keys despite all the preventive measures which you have taken, you must take measures for restoring the security of the vehicle, house or office right away. If rekeying is not an effective option, you should go for lock replacement without delay.

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