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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Read the reviews given by customers who hired our locksmith services and find out if they were satisfied.

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Helped us unlock baby sister!

My cousins and I were bored out of our wits so a genius suggested a game of hide-and-seek, and no room was spared. The lazy ones, myself included, agreed. It was actually fun since it was a full moon and my parents were having dinner somewhere. It so happened that a younger cousin accidentally locked the baby’s room and we realised my 5-month old sister was inside alone. I called this locksmith company in London and they got to our house immediately and unlocked the door. It was amazing how the technicians did it so quietly and baby sis was still sleeping when we got in.

Our regular locksmith service provider

The minute I figured out that the door knob to the kids’ room was not working properly, I was compelled to call this locksmith company from London. I have two toddlers who now know how to turn the knob so I cannot risk having them locked inside their room. I am a working mom and sometimes, I just cannot be in every part of the house as I wish I could, keeping a watchful eye over my children. We have been talking about this company to friend of ours due to the excellent service they never fail to provide. Always great!

Toddlers and Keys Don't Mix

“Recently my toddler decided to play with my keys. I did not realize that she had somehow bent my office key. Monday morning I went to unlock my office but the key would not turn in the lock. I called several locksmith companies but since it was so early they could not get an emergency locksmith dispatched. Finally I found the number for Locksmith Radlett. They were so courteous and accommodating. An emergency locksmith was on the premises in less than 30 minutes. He discovered that the key was bent and repaired it for me on site. He also made a copy for me just in case the original failed to work again.”


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