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How to Fix Patio Door locks

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Patio doors are supposed to act as security doors. Patios actually connect your private world with outside threats and you definitely need the proper deadlocks for such doors, too. On top of that, you also need to take care of their problems in order to avoid security issues and feel good within your home. Although there are some slight differentiations among security locks used for swing and sliding patio doors, most of them usually cause problems when they are not aligned properly. Naturally, if the problem is far more serious and repairs cannot take care of it, replacing the swing and sliding door locks will be the best solution for increased security.

Repair Regular Swing Patio Door Locks

Like with regular doors, patio door locks might get dirty, rusty or dry. They will need cleaning, maintenance and lubrication. If you feel the lock is stiff and cannot lock the door properly, you might want to spray some lubricants or even disassemble the lock in order to clean it well with a brush. If the bolt is not aligned with the strike plate, make sure the latter is properly tightened once placed at the right positHow to Fix Patio Door locksion. The screws of both the lock and the strike plate get loose from everyday use. Often, the problem begins when the lock freezes. In this case, place a screwdriver over the latch and tap it with a hammer to dislodge it. Do the same at the bottom latch part but avoid putting too much force. If you break it, you will have to have the locks replaced.

Fix Sliding Door Lock Issues

*If you have trouble locking the sliding doors, check the tracks first. It is often the case that accumulated debris in the tracks doesn’t allow the door to move all the way to its closing position and, consequently, it won't lock.

* You will find a latch adjustment screw right above the bolt on the edge of the door. You can turn that to adjust how far the bolt will come out by turning it clockwise or counter clockwise.

* If you feel any rough edges on the strike plate or the latch bolt, use a metal file to rub them well and make these rough parts smooth. Such rough sections might cause the lock to stick. A small portion of lubricants will also help make the movement of the bolt smoother.

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