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Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith
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Re-Securing a Property after a Burglary

If your locks have been damaged due to a burglary, they need to be repaired, rekeyed or replaced as soon as possible.  Our emergency locksmith company can offer all this and more so you can enjoy optimal security once again.  If it is a new lock you are interested in, it can be done on the very spot if you choose it. We carry the best brands and the best types, from British Standard to UPVC locks. We are never caught off guard as we know how crucial your security is. Here is a list of the solutions we can provide you with, at Locksmith Radlett:

Professional Lock Solutions

Fast Service* Lock Repair: In case your lock has been tampered with and doesn't function, one of our locksmiths will see to it that it is fully functioning as soon as possible.

*Lock Replacement & Upgrade: If you fancy a new type of lock, or feel like your old and broken one will no longer do, our emergency solutions do include replacement and upgrading options available to you then and there. All you need to do is choose, and our expert will do the rest.

* Lock Rekey: If you evicted a tenant, have just moved in and fear someone other than you possesses a copy to your keys, or lost your keys – we offer this urgent solution that includes changing the inner mechanism (the pins) inside your current lock, and make a new set of keys for you. This way the old keys or other copies of it will not function.

Lockout Assistance Round the Clock

Along our urgent lock services, we are also available for any kind of lockout situation you may find yourself in. It doesn't matter at what day or time you find yourself locked out of your car or office, you can always give us a call and we will be there as fast as possible to help you back inside.

Contact our company 24-7 for any lock and key related emergency!

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